July –

This has intentionally been left blank – we take July off.


June – Hand Quilting or Serial Quilters, Thimble Pleasures?

Vicky has challenged us to make mini Pillowcases for the Red Cross.  What a great humanitarian project.


If you came, you got a thimble.  The board prepared quilt sandwiches, thread and needles for everyone to practice hand quilting.


We followed the expert advise and tutorials from Dorothy Russel Quilt Artist.  If you haven’t ever hand quilted, then her tutorials will be a great help for you.


And will you look at what Diana G, Lee, Sue, Margaret, Jill and Sandi did for out luncheon table?  Gorgeous !!!


People were asked to bring and show quilts that they hand quilted.  I showed mine.  I don’t love hand quilting but I love how it looks.


The above quilt came from a class taught by Jody Warner a number of years ago, well actually about 17 years ago.  Really? That long ago? Wow, I have loved quilting for a long time.




May’s Make and Take it

What an awesome meeting.  If a member comes on time, they get a favor.  This month they got to choose a darling hand-made penny rug.


They also got a handout of helpful conversions.


Always our show and tell is fantastic!!! We have such talented gals in our group.  Some of us are working on a block of the month.  They are given a prize when they come with a finished block – please note the size of Marlene’s cute little block… and I wonder what Melynda is thinking about?IMG_2223

Look, it’s prize time.


Janice we love your flannel chest board.



We had an awesome guest speaker come with her awesome quilts.

Deonn Stott 

About Deonn.  The long version….

I love every aspect of quilting!  I love to design and make quilts, teach quilting classes, hang out in the Quiltscapes studio and do custom free-motion quilting for clients on my longarm quilting machine, Old Betsy!    I constantly think about quilting, dream about quilting, talk about quilting, and can hardly wait to get up in the mornings to get quilting!  Fabric speaks to me, and I listen… You might say I’m a little bit passionate about quilting….

Quilting is a connection to generations of women in my family.  I began sewing as a child, and have many fond memories of spending time in the sewing room with my mother and two sisters.  I pretty much grew up under a quilt frame, helping my mom tie quilts, eventually learning to hand-quilt whole-cloth tricot wedding quilts with my Grandma. I remember looking over my Great-grandma’s shoulder as she pieced countless quilts for charity and family.

My first pieced quilt was a log cabin quilt that my Mother had begun shortly before her death in 1999.  It would have been her first pieced quilt too.  I finished the quilt and gave it to my Dad the next Christmas.  It was made with love and tears, and healed my grief with every stitch.  I was hooked!  And as history has a way of repeating itself, I now enjoy spending time in the sewing room with my own daughters (my son, too!). Each of them are accomplished quilters as well and have received numerous awards and recognition for their sewing and quiltmaking.


I couldn’t take pictures of everything she showed us, so here are a few favs:



She brought each of us a cute pattern for this pin cushion.  Please note the eyes – pins!!\


We have an awesome group!














Our Sew Beary Wonderful Quilt Retreat

*thanks for the title Geri.

Spanning Utah and Idaho there is a beautiful lake named, Bear Lake.  And sitting on a hill is a gorgeous mansion…this is the Inn At The Lake:


Let’s see….it has 17 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a pool, a Jacuzzi, and is only 11,500 square feet big.  Ha,ha,ha.  Only 11,500 square feet?

Diana was the chairman of the Retreat.  She spent hours and hours of sewing these cute baskets together before she finally let me help sew on the binding, and let Jannene trim threads.

Then we filled them will all kinds of goodies:

All 50 women got a name tag when they arrived with their room key and earplugs:

My hubby was sure my stuff wouldn’t fit in the Honda – but it did.IMG_2175

He drove me those 104 miles to Garden City just in time to meet Diana and her husband at the front door of our home away from home.  Our greatly appreciated men moved out all the furniture just as 22 tables were being delivered.  Everyone found a spot to sew.

It just seems like quilters will always go the extra mile.  Vanisha made these adorable cookies andIMG_2192

Melanie surprised us with adorable Bears:IMG_2193


I said it was “cozy” – only one said it was claustrophobic (about 100 times).

Geri brought up 2 pacifiers on a ribbon for anyone who complained.  Delin found another use for them.IMG_2180

Oh wait, what happens at retreat stays at retreat……

She also brought a guest, who popped up in showers and dark bathrooms.  He stared at us through windows and lay in wait in many bedrooms.IMG_2179

Geri, Melanie and Vanisha prepared food in advance and everyone was given a meal to prep and clean up.  Aren’t the aprons so cute?


And believe me, the food was delich!! Homemade scones, CafeRio, fresh cinnamon rolls (thanks Laura), Noodle Lasagna and Salads – to name only a few of the wonderful food we got to eat.  Every night, we had a social.  A cookie night, Salsa night etc.  If you are ever going to host a retreat you better make sure you have incredible cooks like ours!

On Friday and Saturday, we handed out these kits.  Everyone had a chance to make a pop-up garbage can and a key fob.

So many of the retreat members thanked Diana and myself that I hardly got time to sew myself.  A majority expressed a desire to come back to the “Inn at the Lake” next year and every year after that.  Thankfully the entire charge of the event was only $150.00 per person.  Many who can’t normally afford such an event ($300 to $500) were able to come and really enjoy themselves.  (ALL THE MORE FOR FABRIC)

Diana, thanks for making this the best Quilt Guild Retreat EVER. You are the only true and living:IMG_2217



April – Hanging by a Thread

For this month, we learned about threads, tension and needles.  A few board members were given assignments from a Video from Superior Threads entitled “Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob.”  It was really interesting and everyone learned a lot.

Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob Seminar DVD

  • Nancy covered “Cotton verses Polyester”.
    • It is a myth that you must quilt with only cotton.
  • Geri explained “Staples and Egyptian cotton”
    • Not all Egyptian cottons are grown in Egypt
  • Diana told us all about “Needles”.
    • The professional use Titanium tipped needles for longer use.
    • Choose the needle by what thread you are using.
  • Vanisha explained “Tension Disks”.
    • Your machine does not automatically “know” what thread you are using.
    • It is okay to tighten or loosen your upper thread tension.
  • Marcie talked about correct “Tension”.
    • If the underside of your stitch is loose – tighten the top tension.
    • If the underside of your stitch puckers – loosen the top tension.
  • MeLinda talked about “Shelf Life”.
    • The threads that are made today will live for hundreds of years.
    • If you hear a popping noise when pulling apart a thread – it’s still good.



March-Queen for a day

The Alternate title of this quilt guild meeting is “All about Rulers”.

When everyone came to the meeting, they were asked to choose a crown.  There were 6 different colors.


I purchased these at  Oriental Trading.  When the women came in, they picked their favorite color…

After show and tell we were divided up by color to our various “kingdoms” to learn about rulers.  After 20 minutes we rotated to the next “kingdom”.

Castle Red and GoldCastle Red and Gold


Castle Blue and turquoise

Castle Blue and turquoise

Melynda taught us how to use the Twister Ruler, and Carolee taught us how to use Starry Path Template Rulers.


Did you know that if you have a bulky corner you can flatten it by wacking it with a hammer?

Castle Purple and Pink

Castle Purple and Pink

Diana and Diana taught us all about the Log Cabin Ruler and the Trapezoid Ruler.

Everyone learned a lot!! And wouzer our luncheon was delich.


February and have we lost our minds?

Hopefully, the title didn’t offend anyone, but for our activity, we made Alzheimers Activity Mats.

But first, what do you get if you come on time to Quilt Guild????


So you won’t sew your fingers! (Otherwise you can pay a dollar for one)


Having experienced the decline of my husband’s mother firsthand, I personally witnessed many of the sweet residence at Beehive Homes in Draper, Utah fidgeting with their hands.  We have hoped that these activity mats will give some purpose, peace or calming influence to the busy hands of these beautiful folks.

We had hoped a local Quilt shop would be coming to show us a new way to applique, but to our surprise and sorrow, they went on a vacation to Mexico instead.  Can you blame them?  I had 12 days to make a new plan.  Luckily my board is completely awesome.  I figured we could make 30 mats, so with an apology about the quilt store, I emailed the following list to my amazing board:

Don’t you just love it when someone tells you they can come to Quilt Guild and teach Appliquik Applique and you email and call and then 12 days before they are to come, they say, sorry, I’m going to Mexico because my husband surprised me. . . . .
So because we don’t have a lot of time to do something else… Could you help me with a humanitarian project????
I’d like to make Alzheimer’s Activity mats.  i know it is an ambitious project, but I think we can pull it off.  I’d like to make 30.
So Can I give you assignments?
I can serge together 30 mats and bring them.
I am randomly assigning supplies, please tell me if you can or cannot help.  All supplies will be reimbursable from the guild – please give receipts to Carolee:
Rosemary:  30 different colored zippers that are 12 inches long.
Geri: 30 – 7″ cut squares of double sided fuzzy or fleece fabric, ( I can bring my serger to finish edges)
Nancy – 30  – 12″ long pieces of ric-rac and 30 round rings
Vanisha – 60- 7″ fabric squares to make button flaps – a variety of color
Carolee – 60 large buttons any color
MeLynda  – 30     5-1/2 x 8″ squares of heavy clear vinyl
Marcie  –  15-20 yards of decorative ribbon ( the kinds on the pre-packaged spools for children, a good variety)
Diana – 2-3 skeins of bright colored textured yarn and 30 round rings
Melanie  – 150 – 200 large children’s beads (maybe animal shapes or round beads in bright colors) and about 10 yards of fat cording to put them on
MeLynda, can you change February’s Tag line from InterFacing the Facts to “Have we lost our minds?”  Please ask the guild to bring sewing machines and small stuffed animals like beanie babies that they might want to part with.
Vanisha, can you bring the electrical cords?
So a Sewing I will go.
Please Please Please let me know you got this message.

This is the link to the idea I found online from Nancy Zieman:


dsc_3856dsc_3855img_1958img_1959img_1960And I was able to deliver wonderfully made mats to Beehive homes.



They were so appreciative.  I am too because I have such an awesome quilt guild that gives so generously of their time.