June – Hand Quilting or Serial Quilters, Thimble Pleasures?

Vicky has challenged us to make mini Pillowcases for the Red Cross.  What a great humanitarian project.


If you came, you got a thimble.  The board prepared quilt sandwiches, thread and needles for everyone to practice hand quilting.


We followed the expert advise and tutorials from Dorothy Russel Quilt Artist.  If you haven’t ever hand quilted, then her tutorials will be a great help for you.


And will you look at what Diana G, Lee, Sue, Margaret, Jill and Sandi did for out luncheon table?  Gorgeous !!!


People were asked to bring and show quilts that they hand quilted.  I showed mine.  I don’t love hand quilting but I love how it looks.


The above quilt came from a class taught by Jody Warner a number of years ago, well actually about 17 years ago.  Really? That long ago? Wow, I have loved quilting for a long time.





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