Our Sew Beary Wonderful Quilt Retreat

*thanks for the title Geri.

Spanning Utah and Idaho there is a beautiful lake named, Bear Lake.  And sitting on a hill is a gorgeous mansion…this is the Inn At The Lake:


Let’s see….it has 17 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a pool, a Jacuzzi, and is only 11,500 square feet big.  Ha,ha,ha.  Only 11,500 square feet?

Diana was the chairman of the Retreat.  She spent hours and hours of sewing these cute baskets together before she finally let me help sew on the binding, and let Jannene trim threads.

Then we filled them will all kinds of goodies:

All 50 women got a name tag when they arrived with their room key and earplugs:

My hubby was sure my stuff wouldn’t fit in the Honda – but it did.IMG_2175

He drove me those 104 miles to Garden City just in time to meet Diana and her husband at the front door of our home away from home.  Our greatly appreciated men moved out all the furniture just as 22 tables were being delivered.  Everyone found a spot to sew.

It just seems like quilters will always go the extra mile.  Vanisha made these adorable cookies andIMG_2192

Melanie surprised us with adorable Bears:IMG_2193


I said it was “cozy” – only one said it was claustrophobic (about 100 times).

Geri brought up 2 pacifiers on a ribbon for anyone who complained.  Delin found another use for them.IMG_2180

Oh wait, what happens at retreat stays at retreat……

She also brought a guest, who popped up in showers and dark bathrooms.  He stared at us through windows and lay in wait in many bedrooms.IMG_2179

Geri, Melanie and Vanisha prepared food in advance and everyone was given a meal to prep and clean up.  Aren’t the aprons so cute?


And believe me, the food was delich!! Homemade scones, CafeRio, fresh cinnamon rolls (thanks Laura), Noodle Lasagna and Salads – to name only a few of the wonderful food we got to eat.  Every night, we had a social.  A cookie night, Salsa night etc.  If you are ever going to host a retreat you better make sure you have incredible cooks like ours!

On Friday and Saturday, we handed out these kits.  Everyone had a chance to make a pop-up garbage can and a key fob.

So many of the retreat members thanked Diana and myself that I hardly got time to sew myself.  A majority expressed a desire to come back to the “Inn at the Lake” next year and every year after that.  Thankfully the entire charge of the event was only $150.00 per person.  Many who can’t normally afford such an event ($300 to $500) were able to come and really enjoy themselves.  (ALL THE MORE FOR FABRIC)

Diana, thanks for making this the best Quilt Guild Retreat EVER. You are the only true and living:IMG_2217




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