February and have we lost our minds?

Hopefully, the title didn’t offend anyone, but for our activity, we made Alzheimers Activity Mats.

But first, what do you get if you come on time to Quilt Guild????


So you won’t sew your fingers! (Otherwise you can pay a dollar for one)


Having experienced the decline of my husband’s mother firsthand, I personally witnessed many of the sweet residence at Beehive Homes in Draper, Utah fidgeting with their hands.  We have hoped that these activity mats will give some purpose, peace or calming influence to the busy hands of these beautiful folks.

We had hoped a local Quilt shop would be coming to show us a new way to applique, but to our surprise and sorrow, they went on a vacation to Mexico instead.  Can you blame them?  I had 12 days to make a new plan.  Luckily my board is completely awesome.  I figured we could make 30 mats, so with an apology about the quilt store, I emailed the following list to my amazing board:

Don’t you just love it when someone tells you they can come to Quilt Guild and teach Appliquik Applique and you email and call and then 12 days before they are to come, they say, sorry, I’m going to Mexico because my husband surprised me. . . . .
So because we don’t have a lot of time to do something else… Could you help me with a humanitarian project????
I’d like to make Alzheimer’s Activity mats.  i know it is an ambitious project, but I think we can pull it off.  I’d like to make 30.
So Can I give you assignments?
I can serge together 30 mats and bring them.
I am randomly assigning supplies, please tell me if you can or cannot help.  All supplies will be reimbursable from the guild – please give receipts to Carolee:
Rosemary:  30 different colored zippers that are 12 inches long.
Geri: 30 – 7″ cut squares of double sided fuzzy or fleece fabric, ( I can bring my serger to finish edges)
Nancy – 30  – 12″ long pieces of ric-rac and 30 round rings
Vanisha – 60- 7″ fabric squares to make button flaps – a variety of color
Carolee – 60 large buttons any color
MeLynda  – 30     5-1/2 x 8″ squares of heavy clear vinyl
Marcie  –  15-20 yards of decorative ribbon ( the kinds on the pre-packaged spools for children, a good variety)
Diana – 2-3 skeins of bright colored textured yarn and 30 round rings
Melanie  – 150 – 200 large children’s beads (maybe animal shapes or round beads in bright colors) and about 10 yards of fat cording to put them on
MeLynda, can you change February’s Tag line from InterFacing the Facts to “Have we lost our minds?”  Please ask the guild to bring sewing machines and small stuffed animals like beanie babies that they might want to part with.
Vanisha, can you bring the electrical cords?
So a Sewing I will go.
Please Please Please let me know you got this message.

This is the link to the idea I found online from Nancy Zieman:


dsc_3856dsc_3855img_1958img_1959img_1960And I was able to deliver wonderfully made mats to Beehive homes.



They were so appreciative.  I am too because I have such an awesome quilt guild that gives so generously of their time.




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