January 2017 -How does your quilting measure up?

Wow, I was really nervous to have everything go well for my first quilt meeting.  We had a huge storm and it snowed a lot.  The church we usually meet at cleans carpets and refinishes floors in January so we met at Thimbles and Threads.  They have a lovely meeting room and darling quilt store.  They have retreats and bring in national teachers frequently.

I met everyone at the door with a measuring tape as a favor with a note that said, “How do you measure up?how-does-your-quilting-measure-up

Everyone got a new name tag:





Carolee was a really great help getting fabric to everyone, printing out names and doing the embroidery for 50 of us.

If your guild needs name tags then here is the pattern:


Everyone got a questionnaire when they came in – as part of our “How do you measure up theme”…what-quilt-block-are-you

It was printed out on colored paper and the results are located at this website:

Which Quilt Block are you?

Admittedly, I was the only Crazy block in the room!!!

We also took pictures for our directory, planned on having last year’s president’s quilt block introduced, talked about our block exchange and block of the month, our upcoming retreat this year, our Hot Pad Exchange in December and had people share their favorite organizing tip or trick for quilting and sewing.

Most importantly, we always have show and tell!!!





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